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ahhhh I wanna put an Oofuri group together for a con….. I marathoned the whole 2nd season in one night a few days ago _(:3 J L)_ help me……

I bought my SnK boots for Christa today as a reward for us getting the apartment (!!!!), packing up a good portion of the house, selling/giving away a bunch of my cosplay/general stuff, and sending in some internship applications yayyyy. Hoping to hear back about my potential 2nd job, too, but we’ll see…

It’s hard having to give away and sell a lot of my things, but it’s also therapeutic because I know that they’re going to good friends and great homes. My friend gave me his extra copy of Fez to play because I missed the HIB 9 sale (by a few hours ;~;) and I’ve been playing that in my free time, as well as Minecraft and FFXIV. Fez is ridiculously adorable and perfect and aughhh I can play it for hours ;~; hjsghtrysrjhghj.